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Stolen Phone Safety

Safety Tips

Report your lost or stolen phone

If your wireless device is lost or has been stolen, suspend your wireless service to prevent unauthorized usage. Our system will recognize your device as 'Stolen' and block that device from use on the AT&T network within 24 hours.

Log in now to suspend your service and block your wireless device from use by others! To quickly suspend your service and block a stolen phone from unauthorized use on the AT&T network, visit myATT online, visit an AT&T store, or call for questions about your account.

(Pay As You Go)

(Pick Your Plan)
1-866-499-7888 to suspend your
service and block your phone.


AT&T Customer service

Buyer protection

We are here to provide buyer protection even if your phone was not purchased from AT&T. If you have a used or borrowed phone, we can get you on your way if the phone is active and eligible on the AT&T network.

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